Business improvement manager

Business should be simple, sustainable and supported

Brian Wrigley, as a business improvement manager, truly believes that the route to business improvement is practical support, based on getting stuff done and measuring the important numbers in your business. 

That’s why there are 2 types of sessions – monthly performance reviews and getting stuff done sessions.

Talk without action is very expensive.

“From my experience, a business shouldn’t be the reason to not sleep, not see your family. It should be the catalyst to a good life.”

Brian Wrigley (Business improvement manager)

The Bottom Line

You don’t need some outsider coming in to tell you what to do with your business or worst of all following a tick box build a business system.

20+ years as a business manager has taught me how one size fits all; really doesn’t. Whilst deep down all businesses are the same on the surface, the realities of the day to day, dealing with personalities and a whole lot of other variables means every business improvement specialist needs to be flexible. They need to be management, a mentor, a coach, an unreasonable friend, a shoulder to cry on, a guide and sometimes a boot up the bum.

Our Promise To You


Being a business owner can be a very lonely place. When you work with Maximum Profit Growth, you gain a practical advisor, someone you can pick up the phone to get an opinion from and someone on your side (but who won't always agree with you).

Practical Solutions

Too many business expert coaches suggest complicated, time consuming and financially expensive solutions to business improvement. Maximum Profit Growth always look for the simple and most practical solutions. It's about getting from A-B.


Maximum Profit Growth is in the results business. If you don't get the results you want, you won't work with us will you? It is crucial that together we track progress and results so that we can adapt and adjust to stay on course for your targets.

What Others Say


Your Benefits

Performance Review

Graphs and charts for you to track all the relevant performance numbers within your business.

Business Dashboard

A platform to keep track of all agreed actions, your business progress and our meetings together.

£10,000 Guarantee

Our promise is that we will find you an extra £10,000 in revenue, in the first 12 months.