Supporting business owners so they can sleep soundly and improve their business performance.

The simpler your business, the easier it is to sleep. 

What is the cost of not having control of your business?

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  • You work long hours affecting your health and relationships.

  • Your effectiveness is reduced by stress and a lack of sleep.

  • Cashflow stresses you out regularly.

  • Your business runs you.

  • Your business will have no longevity or quality growth.

The cost of not getting your business right is high

and affects so many aspects of your life.

How good it can feel to be in control...

You are in control of your business and have an effective dashboard that shows you what is working and what needs work.

You are sleeping soundly at night and have wonderful relationships because you are in control of your time and finances.

Your business is exactly how you want it to be. Either growing at the pace you want it to grow or stable with a consistent flow of new clients.

You have a trusted ally on the sidelines helping you to find ways to improve your business. Who, also makes sure you actually then implement them. There as your support, as honest council and give you the boost when you need it.


Why the right support is crucial...

Business Improvement Session with 146

Over 20 years of supporting business owners has taught us the detrimental effect lack of sleep has on performance, both personally and on the business. Similarly how often business owners feel that they are alone with no one to turn to or bounce ideas off. 


Our clients know they can contact us when they need support, as opposed to waiting for their next session, and that we are firmly on their side. That doesn’t mean we will agree with everything they say, it’s our job to be honest and sometimes an unreasonable friend.

The way forward

Schedule your Litmus test

It will take you a couple of minutes to schedule time with us.

Complete the Litmus Test with us

20 minutes and 22 questions to see where you can make improvements.

Decide on the next steps

Together we can decide what value there is if we worked together.

Maximum Profit Growth Programmes

How we help you gain control of your business

Monthly Business Review

Meeting every month for about 90 minutes to:


  • Review progress from the past month.
  • Review challenges and obstacles from last month.
  • Discuss agreed actions from the last session.
  • Review all the relevant numbers in the business.
  • Set targets and expectations for this month.
  • Create actions for this month.


Get Stuff Done Sessions

Practical sessions, up to about 75 minutes, working together on a specific activity to improve your business. 


This can involve anything including financials (not stuff your accountant should do), process creation, marketing, team issues, general decision making and reviewing other numbers. In the past it has involved me sitting in front of a client and making sure they finished something off.

On top of all this you will:


  • be provided with the Business Improvement platform where you can track everything you are doing to improve your business. (A free tour is included when you register for your Simple Business Litmus Test.)
  • You get Brian on the end of the phone to get an opinion, run something by or just to vent. 


Working with us is not about having nice conversations,

it is about helping you to create a buisness that is Simple, Sustainable and Supported

Understanding your needs

Maximum Profit Growth understands that you want to be a business owner who has a great work/life balance, sleeps soundly and earns the income you choose. 


To achieve that level of success a business owner has three choices:


  1. Work really, really hard.
  2. Leave it to chance, trusting your luck.
  3. Take control.


The challenge is that business improvement takes the time and focus you don’t seem to have. This is because you are too busy dealing with the day to day and trying to please your existing clients. This hamster wheel of business causes sleepless nights and ineffective performance.


Maximum Profit Growth’s programmes are designed to help you get off the hamster wheel and start to see the wood for the trees. Booking your Business Improvement Assessment using the the ‘Book your Appointment’ button now will help you to take the first step to getting off that hamster wheel and start getting the sleep you need. 

Why this might not be for you!

  • You don’t want someone coming into your business to tell you what to do.
  • Ego.
  • You don’t want to make any changes because you are happy with your life and business.

Not everyone wants to improve their business.

We can help most businesses.

But, we know we can’t help every business owner
and that might just be you.

Running around in circles with your business

What we would say... Obviously 🙄

The benefit of you having a Business Improvement Appraisal is you actually get to address where you are in your business and where you would like to be. You will get recommendations of actions you can take to improve your business.

As a business improvement manager our mission is to work in collaboration to get the results our clients deserve.

Three things we will guarantee to you.

  1. Your business is your business, our job is to support you and help you achieve the success you want.
  2. Working with us has to be an investment, if at the end of the first 12 months you have not added double our fees to your turnover working with us becomes free until we achieve that.
  3. You gain an unreasonable friend who has your back and will help you to brainstorm solutions, as well as listen to your gripes.

Book a Business Improvement Appraisal Now….

What’s the worst that can happen?

Client log in to your Business Improvement Platform


Your Benefits

Performance Review

Graphs and charts for you to track all the relevant performance numbers within your business.

Business Dashboard

A platform to keep track of all agreed actions, your business progress and our meetings together.

£10,000 Guarantee

Our promise is that we will find you an extra £10,000 in revenue, in the first 12 months.

Found out how much you can simplify your business?