Business owners who know it all are invited not to read this

The Growth Masterminds are networking groups on steroids. You build relationships, your business and your confidence. Whether you are an experienced business owner or just starting out, the format of a Growth Mastermind group will benefit you and your business.

The connection you gain from each of the other members added to the sharing of experiences and challenges will give you faster solutions and the inspiration to achieve more within your business.

Every month your coach will facilitate a structured meeting, supporting the discussions and getting you to plan your actions whilst holding you to account for your commitments.

Business Networking

What nobody ever tells you about Networking…

When you stand up to deliver your 60 seconds (or whatever time period for the group) that most people are not listening. They are too busy thinking about what they are going to say.

Working lunches are the perfect opportunity to combine a couple of things most people enjoy; good food with good conversation. The relaxed atmosphere and environment is perfect for those new to networking as well as those who have been networking for years. Whether you are a business owner or working for a company looking to grow their connections Working Lunches are for you.

Networking is not about performing; it is about building relationships, adding value to other people and creating a synergy where everyone gains business.

Networking events are only the starting point for building relationships, everything is in the follow up.


What everyone ought to know about Business Coaching

Very, very simple – your coach will not be doing it for you.

This said, a good business coach will help you to achieve more than you are now and certainly much more than you pay them. If your business coach does not offer you a guaranteed return on investment ask them why not?

Business coaches help business people because they are passionate about seeing other people achieve great things. What you will gain from your business coach is an unreasonable friend who will act as your conscious and hold you accountable to doing the things you know you need to do. A coach can only help you when they understand where you are, where you want to go and what is stopping you. Our 15 minute Brain Dump starts this process.

What Our Clients Say

Brian Wrigley

Brian Wrigley – Expert Business Coach

As an international business coach it is my passion to see people succeed in their business and make the profits they and their family deserve.

I’ve dedicated the past 13 years to learning what it takes to increase and massively grow your profits from some of the most amazing people in the business world.

My previous career has embraced banking, up to the role of branch manager, area sales manager of a team of door to door salesmen as well as project management. All of these skills and more are put to the test on a daily basis at home with 3 kids, all with their own unique needs.

I work with accountancy firms and small businesses to help them achieve the boost in profits they need and resolve the challenges they have with time, clients and building a business rather than a job.

I understand that the biggest challenge facing people today is’ busyness’ causing a divergence in focus and creating the habits of doing stuff rather than the most productive actions.