Time Freedom Business Coaching 


525,600 minutes in a year, how do you use yours?

Do you know where you fail in your time management strategy?

Being in control of your time will add £££’s to your bottom line and release the stress from your shoulders

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.

– Theophrastus.

A coaching partnership is not for everyone, let’s start you with a complementary 15 minute ‘‘Discovery Session’ first.

Every coaching program comes with a guarantee.

In the ‘Discovery Session’ you can share your challenges and your goals

This is a 6 month coaching program with the specific goal of regaining control of your time. The knock on effect will be an increase in your profits too.

Time Poor Coaching

Book Your Complementary ‘Discovery Session’

Business coaching is a two-way process and not every business owner is a good prospect. This short 15 minute phone call will allow us both to make an informed decision. The link will take you to our calendar to reserve an appropriate time and date.

Months one and two

In the first two months of the  coaching program you will:


  • Review and asses your present situation.
  • Set goals and focus for the six months.
  • Take control of your week.
  • Create an action plan and roadmap.
  • Build a simple profit growth action plan.
Months three and four

The third and fourth months you will be building on the foundations created in the first two months.


  • Create a system implementation plan.
  • Build a test and measure system to monitor progress.
  • Look at potential outsourcing.
  • Grow the marketing plan and activities.
  • Celebrate the successes so far and review progress.
Months five and six

Working with your coach to build on the success you have gained so far.


  • Be in control and using your time to it’s best effect.
  • Be focused on the tasks you are best at and add most value.
  • Progress the system building.
  • Ensure that you are increasing the profitability of the company.
  • Improve the communication within the business.


Your coach will be there to guide you, push you and be the sounding board you need. All the time tracking your progress and ensuring the investment is valuable.

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