Northampton Business Lunch

The Most Relaxed Business Networking in Northampton

The Northampton business lunch is jointly hosted by Brian Wrigley of Maximum Profit Growth at the award winning Nuovo Restaurant at the top of Abington Street.


This relaxed, casual business lunch is the perfect way to end your month and build on your existing relationships, while adding some new ones. The format is exactly what is required and is built around the excellent food delivered by Stewart Wright and his excellent team.


The format of the Northampton business lunch is very simple:


After checking in and receiving your guest list, you pay the restaurant and buy your drink. Then you simply talk to the others around you, if there is someone specific you would like an introduction to let us know.


Once the majority have arrived we will sit you down and proceed to serve the most delicious food to the tables. Food is a communal experience and is served in small portions (cicchetti) to allow you to taste a variety of dishes.


Simply enjoy your food and talk to those around you. There is no stand up presenting (or performing monkey acts as I like to term them).


At the end of the meal there is an opportunity to promote other networking events that are happening in the region and the all important bottle of wine prize draw.


Why not bring your clients as a treat, they will view you in a much more positive way and appreciate the gesture.


There are only ever amazing things said about the quality of the food and there is no reason for you not to have a drink with your meal (We are grown-ups after all).


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