3 Main Types of Mastermind Groups and How They Can Help You

Mastermind groups are one of the best-kept secrets of success; groups of likeminded individuals pushing each other to grow through mutual knowledge sharing? Sign us up! But it can be a bit confusing to navigate the options available because there are so many different types of mastermind groups available to you.

We’re helping simplify things here by listing down four common types of mastermind groups, so that you can assess which one fits your needs the best.

1.    Organized Groups

These are reputed, established organizations that are not open to just anyone and everyone. This means that they will have more exclusive criteria when selecting new members and the quality of the interactions will be more focused towards your specific industry.

Since these organizations usually only do in-person meetups, they will most likely be specific to your area of interest, unlike mastermind groups that can be joined online from any geographical location. This option may be limiting if you don’t have a group in your vicinity.

2.    Social Media Mastermind Groups

Platforms like Facebook are surprisingly a great place to begin or join established mastermind groups. The option of creating private forums allows you be sure that the members are being filtered according to their relevance and contribution level.

This also means that the group can be independent of geographical location, giving the option of interacting with a more diverse group of people. Posts are easy to interact with, and don’t force everyone to interact so people are free to pitch in when they feel like they have something valuable to add. However, this could mean that there are ghost members who don’t contribute and are just there for the show.

3.    Self Organized Groups

These are probably the most common and the hardest to maintain. Because they lack the organization of more reputed, paid mastermind groups, it’s harder to coordinate with all the people and get them to stay committed.

But on the bright side, these groups can be set to your own agenda and bring together people of your choosing. Plus, you can have the advantage of online chat rooms and forums as well as in person meetings to get the best of both worlds.


Though it may be tricky to find the right type of mastermind group for yourself, once you find a good fit – it can be incredibly beneficial. From keeping you motivated through stories of other people’s successes in the same industry to free flowing advice and tips from people who have succeeded in their fields, you will feel like you have your own personal network pushing you on.

Regardless of whether you go for a high profile, organized mastermind group, join an online forum, or create your own group – the key to getting the most out of all of these is to stay committed and remain an active member. Ultimately, what you gain from these groups is proportionate to how much you contribute.

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