You can expect someone who will be there for you, an unreasonable friend and confidante.

Most importantly you can expect someone who will care about your business and your success. Someone who will hold you to account for completing the tasks you have agreed to and will help you to create a route to your goals.

A very subjective question and one that we will work out together at the ‘Discovery Session’ which is designed to make sure we can work together.

Feedback from existing clients base it on the relationship we build, the accountability and the fact that we are there for you when you need between coaching sessions as a support.

The classic John Whitmore “Coaching for Performance” method based around the GROW model is the one Brian qualified in, but we adapt our methods depending on the needs of the client.

We have our world class online business development platform to help with any educational needs and access to a library of proven business development material to help you.

The one thing we won’t do is give you a massive report and tell you to get on with it.

We will agree goals and time scales as part of the on boarding process and include this with the ‘Discovery Session.’

Our guarantee is 200% return on investment – which means that you will be expected to make at least 2 times your investment in the programme over 12 months. This is reliant on you measuring your results and doing the agreed business development work.

One answer is –
Roger Federer is arguably the greatest tennis player of all time, why does he need coaches.
Tiger Woods is arguably one of the greatest golfers of all time, why does he need coaches.
Finally (to nail the point) Mohammed Ali was one of the greatest boxers of all time, he had coaches too.

The alternative answer is that a business coach will give you an outside, honest view of your business, be there when you need a neutral sounding board and push you to the success you deserve. Someone who cares about you and your business, who wants to see you achieve the maximum possible results which give you the best work/life balance.


The cost will vary depending on the programme most appropriate for your business, this can vary from £100 per month to £1000 per month.

Coaching must be an investment and our goal will be a minimum of 200% return on investment which is our guarantee.

Every business has standard measures we will be working with, we call them GEMs (Growth Essential Measurements) rather than KPI’s because it is about measuring the areas which will help your business grow. These include the following results

  • Number of Customers.
  • Turnover.
  • Profit.
  • Time spent in the business.

More importantly we will be working on the numbers which create these results and will agree what needs to be measured to hit the goals we have agreed and are working towards.

Plans are only any use if you actually use them, if the reason you are doing a Business plan is to keep the dust off the drawer then don’t bother. Old newspaper does just as good a job.

A strategic, action oriented Business Plan will give you a roadmap and route to achieve whatever goal you set yourself, so short answer – YES.

There are testimonials on the Testimonials page which will give you some social proof and we are happy to talk you through case studies of other clients success.

Most importantly during our ‘Discovery Session’ we will agree what you are looking to achieve and decide if working together will be a beneficial way forward to you.


Our reputation is important to us and we will not accept anyone who we feel is not bought into the process of growing their business or who thinks they already know it all.

Anyone is welcome to a ‘Discovery Session’ and can have the free advice to help them to grow their business, this is where we will decide if there is value in working together.

The bottom line is you can take a horse to water, but sometimes the best you can do is drown them.

The process will be first to work out if there are any anchors stopping the actions being achieved; i.e time restraints, procrastination, knowledge, overwhelm or lack of clarity.

Secondly revisit the original goals and reason for working together to clarify if this is still important.

We have a one month notice period for any coaching programme, which is a two-way thing.

Clients have stayed with us everything from 3 months to 10 years and still going. As long as coaching is adding value to you , why would you change?

If it is not adding value then we need to be honest with each other and agree the best way forward.


Contact us at the Maximum Profit Growth to book your personal ‘Discovery Session’.