Is the USP dead?

Death to the USP…..

As business owners, we have been told for many years that we need to tell people what our Unique Selling Points is. Our USP is what makes us stand out; it tells our customers how we are better than the competition…. doesn’t it?

Ask anybody what the USP is for their business and, 9 time outs of ten you will get the same response:

  • It’s our people
  • We give the best service
  • We do things differently here
  • We’re honest
  • We’re trustworthy
  • We are reliable

So if you, me and all of our competitors are honest, trustworthy and reliable with a great bunch of people who respond to your emails quickly – which one is unique?

It’s time to be honest….

  • People – Every business is different because the people are different, it’s not a USP, it’s a fact
  • Service – If you service doesn’t hold up, your customers won’t come back a second time, this should be a minimum standard. Document your service standards, review how you hold up against the competition and improve – then you will know for a fact your service is better.
  • Things – Processes are processes and, as mentioned above, people are different so if people are not a USP how can the way you do things possibly be?

Be Different

It is vital that you are able to differentiate yourself from others who are offering the same service or selling the same product.

Why should someone buy from you?

Sometimes all it takes is a simple mind shift. Instead of asking ‘how can I sell to them?”, ask yourself “why should they buy from me.

So, the question I’m asking you now is this:

What is your Unique Buying Reason?

There will always be opportunities to stand out; to differentiate from the others in your market place.  As a business coach, I go through the following process with my own clients so that they understand just what it is that they bring to table:

  • Define your target market – who do you want to be your customers
  • Understand the needs and wants of your future customer
  • Meet those needs and wants
  • Now tell them

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