Tuesday 19th July 2022 9.30am – 5.00pm

The Edgbaston Park Hotel and Conference Centre

Have a clear focus about the direction of your business and the actions you are going to take over the next three months.

Our guarantee to you is that over the course of the day you will create a positive action plan to improve many areas of your business.

Most importantly you will find ways to add at least an additional £3000 in revenue. (Or we will give you a free coaching session to help you find it.)

What you will do on the day

Business Revenue Planning
  •   Working on your Business, creating an Action Plan for the next 3 months.
  •    Share ideas, brainstorm and work with fellow business owners.
  •    Create a plan to get you from A- Z and be held accountable to achieving it.
Profit Increase
If you're thinking about it? Sign up. Brian has been one of the best business decisions I made. For two years, Brian has not only helped me DOUBLE my monthly revenue but has also helped me minimise my expenses drastically increasing my profit margin AND making sure I'm hitting targets in my chargeable hours! Not only is Brian the man for the numbers, he also helped me ten-fold on my self confidence, when I met him I was a nervous wreck who didn't believe I had the potential, each week now we talk Imposter Syndrome, being the best we can be and its helped me succeed.
Abi MacKenzie
Abi MacKenzie
Owner - You and Me Collective

Maximum Profit Growth's Quarterly Planning Day will give you a focused action plan to move your business forward

Quick Course Overview

Course Content: (4) Modules – Foundation, Financials, Growth and Control.

Bonus #1: 3 months access to the online Business Academy 

Bonus #2: Access to our online accountability and business tracking platform for 3 months.

Bonus #3: 6 week personal follow up call from Brian to check your progress.

Business Planning

Running a small but dynamic business can be a lonely experience with no external challenge, and Brian has provided me with a structure and accountability for the growth of the business, which I am delighted to be implementing with superb results.
Brian Harding – Catalyst Land Solutions

Business Planning Day

Working with Brian might seem a really easy and straightforward process to a client. It can be simple too, understand your numbers, set your goals, work out a plan……and get your behind kicked if you do not stick to it!! Common sense as he might say……..


David Boobyer – Tollers Solicitors

Business Planning Day

I have worked with Brian over a number of years and found him to be hugely knowledgeable on the subject of business development, mainly stemming from a development of the business person which in turn leads to a more professional, targeted approach to business.
Clare Elsby – Elsby Accountants

Quarterly Planning Day - Your opportunity to get off the hamster wheel, take stock and move forward.

Take control with a sensible plan, an accountability support group and a coach who has seen companies add £M's to their business.

The entire Quarterly Planning Day

Broken into the actionable sections of Foundation, Financial, Growth, and Control. You will be creating a realistic plan of actions on the online coaching platform which will give you timely nudges and reminders, as well as tracking your business performance.

(£500 value)

Bonus Access to our Online Business Success Academy

1,000's of pounds worth of proven business growth strategy lessons, done for you marketing examples, social media training, sales training, and basically anything you may need to grow a £1M+ Business

(£300 value)

Profit Growth Accountability Group

As a member of the planning day you are automatically added to the accountability group on the Profit Growth Platform, where you will be able to share ideas, get help and find a buddy to help with your success. Let alone increase your network and potentially find new business partners and opportunities.

Total Value: $2,000+

You Pay: £295, if you book before 11th June when it becomes £395

Quarterly Business Planning Days have an energy and vibrance where business owners will not only learn and plan some vital activities, they will be inspired to follow through on the actions and grow their business - personally and financially beneficial

Planning your business will help to give you more control.



Frequently Asked Questions

On the day we will go through a variety of strategies and tactics which will improve the results you get from your business. These can be applied to any business, but not always in the same way. After each section you will decide what actions you are going to take and add them to your Profit Growth platform. At the end of the day you will have a structured plan of the next 3 months of actions you will take to grow your business and the measurements required to show your improvements.

You need to bring your laptop or tablet so that you can create your plan and set up your accountabilities instantly. It would be very useful for you to make sure you have your last 12 months business financials. You will need to come with an open mind and be willing to implement the actions you decide on. As a coach I cannot do it for you.

Your plan will be completely tailored to your business as all the actions you choose will be appropriate for your business. The presentation we will be taking you through will be proven successful strategies which have helped many businesses to grow.

Every business can benefit from having a strategic plan of actions. The day is designed for business owners to take some time off the hamster wheel and look at how the business is performing and what can make it better.

After the day you will have your online Profit Growth platform to record your actions and results. The platform will send you reminders when actions are due. You will be able to access the Online Academy to get reminders of how to implement some of the strategies you decide. PLUS Brian will call you after 6 weeks to check on your progress, he will also be able to see your progress on the platform. 

Yes, when you register you are added to the online Profit Growth platform and will be allocated some worksheets to complete before the day. Brian will be available to demonstrate if you need help. Contact him by email to book a 30 minute session.

During the day you will be looking at your numbers in your business; Financial, performance and marketing (obviously providing that you bring your numbers). When you look at the different strategies you will be able to see an improvement of at least £3000 in your revenue or Brian will take time to personally go through that with you and show you where that extra revenue could be found.

On the day if you have any questions you will be encouraged to ask. No such thing as a stupid question. When everyone is working on their actions Brian will be there to answer any questions you may have. You will get a follow up phone call to check progress and we would rather you contact us than procrastinate.

The day is fully catered with food and drinks provided, we will have a lunch break. If you have any dietary requirements we will check this before the day.

The hotel has parking available, it is in the clean air zone of Birmingham so please check if your vehicle is free or not before you arrive. For the hotel location Click Here

Like any business function I would recommend smart casual as a minimum. You are representing your business. Please No Lycra :-).