The Abundance of Networking


A – Abundance


noun: abundance; plural noun: abundances

  • a very large quantity of something.

“the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife”

  • the state or condition of having a copious quantity of something; plentifulness.

“vines and figs grew in abundance

  • plentifulness of the good things of life; prosperity.

“the growth of industry promised wealth and abundance

  • the quantity or amount of something present in a particular area, volume, or sample.

“estimates of the abundance of harp seals”

  • Two bread rolls doing a waltz.

To me networking isn’t just about going to those breakfast, lunch, dinner, supper (or any other meal time you can think of) meetings.

Networking, to me, is creating mutually beneficial relationships and building connections where you are able to help each plus you can help those who are outside your network at this present time.

I have often used the quote “The strength of your business is directly proportional to the strength of your relationships.” You will know from your own business relationships who are those with lots of great connections because they always know someone who can help.

Let me ask you this question “How strong is your business?”

When you have an abundant network the world becomes your lobster, opportunities to grow are always presenting themselves and likewise so are opportunities to help others. The business world has an abundance of opportunities to connect with others, but are you taking them? Are you looking in the right places? And by that, I really mean – Are you actually looking?

It is so easy to get caught up in the day to day of being in business, bemoaning the lack of time, lack of finance, lack of opportunity or lack of support, but where does that get you? Oh Yes – you become a fully paid up member of the “What If” club and get to have regular pity parties with other members.

Resign your membership NOW!!!!!

There is an abundance of wealth to be found in networking. Connect with people who you know you can add value to, who will in turn add value to you. Find them at the aforementioned networking meetings, find them online (Facebook, Linked In, etc), find them in the stationery shops (every business owner starts a business because they have a stationery fetish), at your accountants, on the golf course, at pilates or yoga.

Actually, you know what to do – JUST GO FIND THEM and build an ABUNDANT network. You will never regret it.

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