Business Networking Northampton – Networking for Grown Ups

The Strength of Your Business is Directly Proportional to the Strength of Your Relationships

So why do I say it is ‘Networking for Grown ups’? 

Quite simply because:

  • There is no structured format.
  • No membership – Come when it is convenient and appropriate.
  • No stand up performing – Just conversations around great food.
  • You use the lunches to start or build relationships which are long lasting and mutually beneficial.
  • There are no limitations who can come (except maybe those with questionable personalities), certainly no “one per industry” rule.
  • We encourage other networks to promote their events, all about abundance not limitations.

Finally and probably most importantly the whole event is very relaxed and open to all business owners and business professionals.

Business Networking Northamptonshire

Book Your Place At Our Networking Lunch

Meet like minded business people in a friendly, relaxed environment.

What You Get From our Northampton Business networking
  • No performing monkey act – just good conversation.
  • Great food – actually what else do you need?
  • Relaxed atmosphere, perfect for building relationships.
  • No membership ties, come and go as you please.
  • Attendee lists and badges, if Brian remembers.
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Business Networking Northamptonshire