Your Business Dashboard

Business Dashboard   The better the knowledge and information that you have at your finger tips, the better decisions you make and therefore the better actions you take. This can be

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Is the USP dead?

Death to the USP….. As business owners, we have been told for many years that we need to tell people what our Unique Selling Points is. Our USP is what makes

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The Abundance of Networking

  A – Abundance noun noun: abundance; plural noun: abundances a very large quantity of something. “the tropical island boasts an abundance of wildlife” the state or condition of having a

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Profit!!! So Not a Dirty Word

It never ceases to amaze me that this question could ever be asked. But it is: in different circles, and with different motives. But let me put the question to you:

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Why Networking?

Networking is as old as humanity. Tapping into the knowledge or people in your social or professional circles, asking for a recommendation when you need something doing has been going on

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Brian is an experienced coach of over 17 years. Working with many professional service businesses to help them take control of their business and increase their profitability and saleability. 



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