4 Important Ways to Start Taking Responsibility for Yourself Today

Taking responsibility is not an easy task. Perhaps that is why it is often said to be the difference between successful people and those who remain stuck in their own respective cycles of misery.

But there’s good news!

Taking responsibility is not a natural ability – it’s a choice that you make consciously. Which is why, even if you’ve struggled in the past, you can start taking responsibility for yourself starting now, if you make a conscious effort. Here are 4 ways you can be more mindful of how to take responsibility.

1.    Understand That You Have Control

Like we said – taking responsibility is a conscious decision, and it begins with understanding that you have full control. You are not just a puppet with some great hidden face pulling the strings behind the curtain. You have a choice to do things differently. Sure, the choice may be unpleasant and downright scary to make, but it’s always there.

When you finally start to realize that you are in a position to change things, the situation you are in will be under your control. The consequences may scare you, but if you stand true to your values and your goals, you will come out stronger.

2.    Stop Finding Ways to Blame

People who refuse to take responsibility will always, always find someone to blame. A person, a situation, a place – there is no end to whom or what can be responsible for their problems. Everyone is a culprit. Except for them.

If you want to start taking responsibility, then you need to stop finding ways to unload your problems on others through blaming them. We’re not saying no one can ever cause problems for you, we’re just saying that someone who takes responsibility will be more focused on how to take charge of the situation rather than dwell over who created it.

3.    Apologize When You’re Wrong

It may be difficult to admit that you messed up in the past or might mess up in the future. But apologizing when you are in the wrong is a huge step in the right direction when you’re trying to start taking responsibility for yourself. It shows the other person that you are not ignorant of how your actions affect others and are willing to face the situation head on.

4.    Stop Making Excuses

You genuinely start taking responsibility for yourself the day you stop making excuses for yourself. When you don’t blame your situation on others and don’t make excuses for why you can’t change your situation yourself, you will truly be someone who is responsible for themselves.  And this is going to empower you to take your life in the direction you want.


Good things never come easy. Consistent, lasting changes to behavior come with careful persistence and conscious alterations. But if you set your mind to it, you will begin to feel more in control of your own life and as a result, be more at peace with yourself and your surroundings.

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