Sports Glory to Business Glory

We have had the most amazing summer of sport the UK has probably ever seen, winning so much from The Tour de France, Olympic medals, Tennis Grand Slams to the Ryder Cup comeback of all time. Plus I don’t want to forget the success of the Olympic Games overall and how it has reminded the world that we can deliver on our promises and plans.

Now how does this success lead to business glory?

  1. Planning and goal setting.
  2. Deliver the plan.
  3. Always believe it is possible.
  4. Have someone to drive you, mentor you and help you achieve your full potential.

All these are keys in the success of all the above mentioned sports results and can be used to make you and your business the success you deserve.

1) How good is your business plan? do you look at it everyday? or is it in a draw keeping the dust off the bottom.?

Do you have exciting, motivating goals that make you want to get into work? Not because they are financial, but because they are going to give you and your family the life you want and deserve.

The success of the Tour de France and the Olympics was very much down to the motivating goals set and a meticulous planning carried out long before the events. Each plan had built in contingencies, because we all know that not everything is going to go right all the time, which meant that they were able to get back on track quickly.

2) Delivering the plan can be the area that people struggle with because they do not use it as a working document, they panic should they get off track and they get busy doing the day to day stuff instead of the important activities.

When Andy Murray won the US Open there were many times during the final when it wasn’t going to plan, but he was always aware of where he was and eventually got back on plan to clinch the win. If your plan is thought out well enough and inspiring enough to take you where you want to go you know that by following it you will get there.

3) Believing it is possible, and I would add with passion, is something that everybody has the ability to do and yet it is something that often is lacking. The key to belief is that it is your choice whether you believe or not, you do not need anybody else to tell you how good you are or how achievable your plans are.

The Ryder Cup is the perfect example of how belief and passion can move mountains. The American press, not the team I want to add, had written off the European side on Saturday and were guessing by how many they would win by. Twitter on Sunday night was highlighting a number of these articles with some glee. What the Americans had not counted on was the belief and passion that the European Captain Jose Maria Olazabel had instilled in his team, along with the inspiration given by the late, great Seve Ballesteros. This passion and belief translated itself into unbelievable performances and helped to create the result that many are saying is the comeback of all time.

In your business, if your belief and passion in the results you are going to achieve is strong enough you will achieve amazing things. A small footnote to this is that while belief and passion are the fuel you do have to take the actions required for your success also.

4) All of the successful sports teams and people have a team behind them helping to guide them, drive them, motivate them and hold them to account if they are not doing what they should be. These people are team managers, coaches, and many specialists who all bring something different to overall team, not one of the successful individuals would have achieved a fraction of their success without this often forgotten and unheralded group of people.

Who are the people who are helping you to your success? Do you think you need to do it on your own?

Remember there are lots of specialists who can help you take your business and your life to where you know you deserve to be.


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