Every Business Needs a Brian!!!

I was very proud to read this excellent blog from the brilliant Peter Jones of Alert PR. You can find out more about him Here on his Website. Thank you Peter for your amazingly kind words.

All Businesses Need a ‘Brian’!

It was the late Margaret Thatcher who – when at the peak of her power – told a tittering group of political journalists that “…every Prime Minister needs a Willie…”.

Lady Thatcher, as she later became, was actually referring to her loyal deputy, Willie Whitelaw. It was she who ruled the roost, and everyone knew it. But behind the scenes, Whitelaw was a shrewd political operator; he had an expert nose for scenting trouble, and knew how to persuade, cajole, or knock heads together to ensure that Government policies were clear to all, and that all who mattered was signed up to them. How Theresa May must wish she too had a Willie.

In business, meanwhile, it’s not a Willie you need, but a Brian.

Like Willie Whitelaw, Brian is shrewd, and scents problems, too. He doesn’t quite knock heads together, but he will give you a proverbial clip around the ear if he thinks you are not pulling your weight.

Brian, you see, is a business coach. And every small business, and start-ups, should have one. Brian is my business coach, and he fulfils the same role to many people I know, and lots more. All of us think our Brian is worth his weight in gold. He has certainly re-energised me, and I cannot think of anyone who has managed to motivate me like he has. One session with Brian, and I want to take on the world. If I was a tennis player, I’d have won Wimbledon by now. Or at least I’d be playing with the belief that I might do so.

So now you’ve got the gist, allow me to introduce you to Brian Wrigley. Based in Northampton, but working all over the county and beyond, Brian is a business coach par excellence. Simply read his testimonials, or talk to people he works with. Like Lisa Scott, the editor of the online magazine Northamptonshire Life. She told me: “Brian is a coaching genius!

“He has transformed my mindset and approach to business building, and put me on track when I need it – the Masterminds are ideal for anyone needing an impartial oversight of your business, but also a place of being held accountable,” she said. “I look forward to our monthly groups, and find them both very welcoming and informative.

“Each time I leave those sessions, I do so with a wealth of ideas and thoughts.”

The ‘Masterminds’ Lisa was referring to are Brian’s ‘Growth Mastermind Group’ sessions, which have become legendary among the business community throughout Northamptonshire, and way beyond. They are aimed at start-ups and the small business community, and so many people swear by them. Like Laura Patey-Smith, of Thrapston Tiles.

“I can not recommend Brian enough,” she said. “If you struggle with focus, need support or guidance, then Maximum Profit is the way forward. 

“Since working with Brian we have doubled our turnover, moved premises and have more structure – using his 121 coaching and mastermind sessions has been invaluable to us.

“More than that, the regular catch up calls and messages keep us on track to building the business vision,” said Laura. “Brian is not just our coach, he is part of the team, and we could never thank him enough for everything he has helped us achieve.”

So many people have a great idea about a business they want to start up. But so many then take their leap in the proverbial dark without any help or guidance, and then wonder why they fail to last the pace. If only they had spoken to a business coach. Or rather, if only they had spoken to Brian Wrigley.

Sure, you need an accountant, and a business bank account, maybe an office, a website, and an email address. But a plan is imperative, and most important of all, you need guidance to execute that plan. Which is why I genuinely believe that every new venture needs a business coach.

Or more to the point, every new business needs a Brian. 

I’m a small business rather than a new one, and thank goodness I’ve now got a Brian. Engaging Brian Wrigley is the best move I’ve made for years. If only I’d met him 10 years ago; and listening to praise being heaped on him at business networking events I attend convince me beyond doubt that his wealth of knowledge and experience is making a difference to so many.

If you’re a small business in Northamptonshire, a call to Mr Wrigley is long overdue if you haven’t already. If you’re about to take the plunge, take it from me and many others: you too need a Brian. It really could be the difference between success and failure!


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