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Working FOR yourself doesn’t mean working BY yourself – Mastermind Groups in Northampton


Being a sole trader or working in a small businesses can make covering everything from sales, marketing and planning a little daunting. When you’re the key decision maker of your business, it’s hard to get every aspect right each month. That’s where mastermind groups come in to change that mindset.

Held at various local locations within Northampton across the month, business mastermind networking is the first place to head when you need not only a business coach but a new point of view.

What is a mastermind group? 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, stuck in a rut or unsure where to begin on that new business, service or product – let’s sit down.

Mastermind groups are networking with a difference – held monthly on the same day each month, it’s your chance to work on YOU and YOUR business with no distractions. 

Each month involves a topic of conversation and the ability to be held accountable for your actions. How many things are on your to-do list that have been transferred time and time again?

Why would I benefit from mastermind networking?

In the same way we benefit from reading books, listening to podcasts or watching motivational videos on Youtube – another point of view gives us food for thought. In our Northampton networking groups, you will find business owners who come from all manner of industries who might just come up with another solution you didn’t think of. 

Nothing leaves the room, everyone’s in the same boat as one another and you’ll have the chance to build your relationships due to the consistent nature of mastermind groups.

Commitment is key

Like anything, you get out what you put in but with every month and season bringing new challenges to business owners – it’s about bringing the new discussion points with you. 

But aren’t mastermind groups for the top dogs?

Mastermind groups in Northampton aren’t exclusive or restrictive – you’ll find business owners who are passionate about building their brand and connecting with you. 

No matter what stage you’re at within business, whether it’s been years in the making or the first steps of self-employment. Join us for a fun, helpful and motivational group that keeps you on track to success.

Want to try a session? Your FIRST mastermind networking group is FREE – come see what the fuss is about and see how it can put your business on track. Click Here for the Events Page to Book Yourself On.

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