Misconceptions about Mastermind Groups

With the idea first introduced almost a century ago, there’s no denying that mastermind groups are not a new concept. However, despite being around for a very long time, people still haven’t grasped the true idea of what a mastermind group really is.

For most of them, the definition of mastermind entails group meetings conducted periodically. Many businessmen are well aware of the benefits of mastermind, but in their haste of ensuring that their organization is also availing the same, they usually end up tagging their routine office meetings as mastermind events instead.

The true essence of a mastermind goes far beyond than a group of people coming together periodically to update each other with their plans. So, whether you are planning to start one of your own or are looking for the ideal mastermind to join, here are a few common misconceptions you must not believe.

Masterminds are a luxury

Perhaps it’s the way the term sounds or a stereotypical approach, but masterminds are believed to be only for the corporate giants. It is a preconceived notion that these groups are meant for the rich, wealthy and successful people, or that you need to spend thousands of dollars to reap any benefits from them.

This especially becomes an issue for smaller organizations that are doubtful whether the results will be worth their investments. The truth is that even a simple dinner or a weekend gathering to discuss your goals, problems and plans can suffice.

Masterminds are industry-specific

People who are searching for a group to join either look within the same industry that they are in or don’t look for it at all.

Masterminds meetings are not meant to be limited to people within the same organization, industry or even location. In fact, the reality is just the opposite.

It is only when industrialists from various sectors and employees at different rungs of the corporate world collaborate and share their thoughts and visions that they will be able to expand their horizons and gain from a vast pool of knowledge –the true aim of a mastermind.

Masterminds are for a specific duration

Several members expect to see dramatic changes overnight or just after attending a few sessions.

Although mastermind events may be conducted for a few weeks or months, these limited durations are beneficial for only a handful of people.

In most other cases, members and organizations harvest the fruits of joining a mastermind only when they put in consistent efforts for a much longer time period.

Masterminds (don’t) need a coach

Of course, it is a group effort, but when it comes to coaching in masterminds, people are divided into two extremes. Some believe that mastermind events must have a trainer or a mentor to guide the group, while others believe that independency is what the focus should be.

However, the key is to ensure a balance between the two options. To reach your destination, you must be on the path that leads to it.

Therefore, successful masterminds have a mentor to channel the efforts and energy of the members in the right direction. However, such masterminds also allow everyone to be a master because a true mastermind is a dynamic collection of every participant’s thoughts, opinions and ideas.

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