Qualities that Separate Great Mastermind Groups from Good Ones

An assembly of likeminded individuals who not only share a common profession but are also mutually interested in professional and perhaps personal development can reap stellar dividends. This is why mastermind groups are such an emphatic triumph.

So what are the traits that make such a congregation an exemplary experience? We will find out below:

Well Defined Objectives

For mastermind group to be a masterstroke, it is imperative that goals are set promptly. Once members understand the purpose of their meetings, they can work toward achieving the desired results.

Regardless of the background or profession of members, mastermind groups must be based on a specific subject. This could be about growing an enterprise, exhibiting leadership qualities or promoting personal success. The mastermind group must have a mission statement that all its members comprehend so they have clarity regarding the purpose of the meeting.

Once they can answer the why question, they should be able to contribute in terms of learning and helping others as well. An alignment of targets will do wonders for those involved.

Carefully Curate Members

The main issue with mastermind group that do not thrive is that they do not manage membership adequately. If the ideals of member do not match, results may vary. Therefore, orchestrators of mastermind groups should choose members carefully. They should be invited only if they are deemed a good fit.

If there is a good dynamic and equilibrium between members of the mastermind group, then they can yield results and progress. Alternatively, you do not want a group that is brimming with ideas but individuals are unwilling to participate or take risks.

Assuming the members operate in the same profession, their personality and temperament should be gauged. Do you believe they will connect well with existing members? Do you consider that they can make significant contributions and possess exciting ideas? These are queries the mastermind administrator must answer before allowing new members to join.

Reasonable Sized Groups

An extension of the previous trait, the size of a mastermind group should be viable in the sense that all members are accommodated and able to share ideas. An abundance of members may work against achieving the aims of the group.

Typically, mastermind groups keep their members to a limited number i.e. between five to eight individuals. It is entirely possible to have a flourishing group with fewer or greater number of members as well. The only condition is that it should not be large enough to hinder the progress of current members.

Proper Preparation

Another factor that works in favor of a thriving mastermind group is that members are well prepared for sessions. If members are unprepared, they will only waste precious time. Therefore, members should know what to expect from the forthcoming session.

This may be carried out by giving them a list at the end of the previous session or emailing them a list ahead of schedule. If they have access to relevant information, they will be ready for the meeting.


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