The Power is in Your Hands

The Power is in Your Hands

Business and life regularly throw up challenges which knock you off course and make you stop. Sometimes you take a long time to recover and sometimes it is just a blip which does nothing more than cause a minor delay. Is this something you can relate to?

An example of this is the horrendous bombings at the Boston marathon. In the aftermath there is the inspiring story of a professional dancer who had part of her leg amputated and yet is determined to continue dancing, whilst at the same time I am sure that there are people with much lesser injuries who have not been able to function. This is not a criticism but more a comment to how different people react differently in the similar circumstances.

Jack Canfield in his book ‘The Success Principles’ uses the equation of E + R =O which is the Event + Response = the Outcome. As Mr Canfield so eloquently explains in the book the one thing that separates humans from other animals is that we are able to choose our ‘Response’ to all the ‘Events’ that affect us. The obvious comment being that; if you are not happy with the results you are getting, you need to change your response.

In business this could be anything from not making enough sales or profit to issues with your team. Whatever area of your business you are not getting the results you would like the first thing to ask yourself is “How am I dealing with this or reacting to this? plus “What do I need to change about my own behaviours?”

Once you understand the power of this little equation you instantly have control over your own life and the results you achieve.

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