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We have been using MP Growth coaching for nearly a year now. In the past year, we have found Brian a real inspiration with a great deal of patience! Our business figures for this quarter, compared to last year have increased by over £40,000, which really speaks for itself.

I would really recommend anyone to use MP Growth’s coaching services. Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes and some good ideas to really turn things around.

Marcus TaylorOwner - Tayflor

I approached Brian at the end of 2013, and explained to him that we really needed to take the next step on the road to stardom…

Over the past 4 months, Brian has been there to provide expert advice, a sounding board, someone who can ask the probing questions you do not wish to ask yourself…I could go on… 

OK it has only been 4 months, however in that time, we have increased the team by 1, had our best months within the onefoursix group, and generally feel like we are ‘getting there’. Truth is we will never ‘get there’, because I know Brian will keep on pushing and pushing us to do more. And lets be fair that is the way it should be. 

All credit to you BW – you came along at just the right time, said all the right things, and became a trusted adviser, and more importantly a good friend. 

If you are after an honest and dependable Business Coach then you have to get this chap on your team.

Dave WilliamsOwner - OneFourSix

 I first met Brian about 8 years ago and since then he has had a hugely positive impact on my life. He often compares business people with professional sports people and the importance of having the right management to be successful, Andy Murray is the most recent case of this. Brian is there to kick me up the bum when I need it and he pats me on the back when I deserve it. He is also there if I need to bend his ear or shed a tear on his shoulder. Brian, or “Coach” as I call him above all else is a special guy and one I am proud to know, therefore I have no hesitation in recommending him to anybody in business.

Ben ThomasPartner - All Things Management

 Brian won’t tell you how to run your business….However he will advise you on key skills that will help you increase your turnover… and of course gain more profit.

Since working with Brian my turnover and profit has increased, I have moved offices and taken on a new member of staff.

It’s true, I personally am responsible for all of these events but sometimes in business you need someone to bounce ideas off, remind you of the things you should be doing, and make sure you are held to account if you aren’t doing them (in a nice way of course!)

If a business owner is looking to: increase sales, improve profit or improve staff morale, time spent with Brian would undoubtably be a good investment in their future.

Paul AnsteeBusiness Owner - Moneytree Financial

I have been running Activate for a number of years now and enjoyed our fastest period of growth and development over the six months of working with MP Growth. The educational content and self improvement material provided has been very helpful. However, being accountable to you and achieving our bi-weekly goals has really stepped up our productivity and development. Your services would help anyone determined to make faster progress, regardless of how experienced they are as business people.

Steve ReesDirector - Activate Business Development

 As a direct consequence of working with Brian, Visual Identity has transformed into a dynamic and driven organisation, with a clear path for the future, from a company that appeared to have reached its limits.

Our turnover was improved by 25%, thanks to the new sales and marketing strategies we implemented and the the change in the team has been dramatic.

We now have much stronger foundations on which to build, Thank you

Jacqui WilkinsDirector - Visual Identity

After 5 years of steady but unspectacular growth we signed up with MP Growth as it promised to produce results. keeping an open mind and acting on some of the processes advised meant that within 6 months we have doubled turnover and increased our margins.

Alan SmithOwner - Global Mapping

I need to thank Brian for a presentation he did at the ‘Marketing Hub’ meeting in Kettering and for a one to one we had a couple of months ago. They’ve both had a huge impact on me and even when I don’t feel confident about something, if I think it is right, I have been making myself do it anyway. I have done so many things over the last couple of months, not just work related, which I may not have done without his voice in my ear saying “go for it – no inhibitions” …..I owe him a massive thank you.

Saranjit Kaur MinhasDispute Resoltion Solicitor - Borneo Martell Turner Coulston

Most importantly, you get Brian on the end of the phone! I’ve struggled in the past to reach out when I’ve had a problem but Brian is so approachable. Unlike many people he’ll listen without butting in, offer advice where I’ve needed it (whether that be about my business or my personal life-we’re human after all). He’s coached me through difficult situations where I’ve been burying my head in the sand but having someone to read that email for you or have a good old moan to is just priceless.

Kerry LeeseKerry Leese Media

Serendip Testi

 Sally Latimer-Boyce at SerendipITI.