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How Good is Your Credit Control? (OR “Do Your Customers Use You as an Unpaid Banker?”)

In spite of the rise of online sales, the majority of business-to-business transactions are still carried out on credit: goods or services are delivered, an invoice is raised, and payment is made some time afterward. Credit is necessary in any developed economy in order to stimulate growth: using credit as a substitute for cash is essential because very few businesses have sufficient cash to pay “on delivery”. It allows people to acquire goods and services without having to save [...]

Is Your Business Running Like a Formula 1 Team?

On our ‘Field of Business’ your last line of defence are your GEM's (Growth Essential Measurements), we call them GEM's for two reasons; 1) So many people are scared to death of KPI's and 2) these are the numbers essential to your business growth. First of all let’s discuss what GEM's are, these are the numbers that tell you how you and your business are performing at any time. To give you a sporting analogy, in Formula 1 the goal is [...]