Does Your Belief System Stop You Selling More?

I was at an allotment open day recently running the tombola stall with Lily and Taylor. A gentleman bought some tickets and complimented me on how good Lily and Taylor were at selling. I thanked him and said that is one skill that once developed will set them in good stead for the future. I was absolutely blown away by his response – “Sales is a horrible, nasty industry where people persuade you to buy things you don’t really [...]

Keeping Your Sales and Marketing on TRACK.

How Important is Your Sales and Marketing? Your sales and marketing has one aim, that is to provide your business with high quality clients. Those clients who you do your best work with. If I was to ask you what percentage of your clients you cannot wait to work with, what would it be? Conversely what is the percentage of clients you dread to talk to? Often 20% of your clients will bring you 80% of your income, the other 80% are [...]