Is Your Business Producing Gold Medal Results?

Is Your Business Producing Gold Medal Results?

With the Brazilian Olympics only a month away, all the world class athletes are finalising their preparations in readiness to put in the performance of their lifetime. Each one started with a dream, a goal and then created a plan of action which they followed diligently and put in years of hard work and labour. Success is rarely achieved with out a dream, a good plan and lots of hard work.

Your business is exactly the same so let’s break down the three key areas.

A Dream, or a Goal; When Alice meets the Cheshire Cat she asks him which road she should take and because she did not know where she was going; he told her that it didn’t matter which road she took. So many business owners do not know what their goal is and therefore it doesn’t matter which route they take. These are the business owners who are generally very busy, in fact too busy – they work hard, don’t take holidays and will in later life blame their business for how they spend their life. Don’t let this be you; Know where you are going and do what it takes to get there.

A Plan; “Start with the end in mind” know what you want to create and then work your plan from there. What systems do you need to implement? What is the structure of the business? How are you going to measure performance? What are you going to do to earn new clients? and how are you going to ensure that these clients are looked after as they deserve?

Good Hard Work; Stephen Covey said “The key is not to prioritise your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.” When you have a strong destination and a decent plan you will create focus and you will not just work hard doing things, but you will work hard doing the right things.

A successful business is very simple, know where you are going, have a plan to get there, create the systems so that the business can run without you, understand the numbers and do the right things at the right time.

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