Why Business Coaches are Misunderstood?

Why Business Coaches are Misunderstood?

Who do Business Coaches Work With?

Business owners are a very special breed, brave enough to want to take control of their own destiny and prepared to put in the hard hours required to be successful. Some are open-minded and prepared to learn from everyone they come into contact with, others are more cautious, picking and choosing who they trust. There are a small number of business owners who already know everything. Whichever group you choose is good as long as you take responsibility for your own results and do not blame anyone else.

The Support Available.

In my opinion, there are three types of support for business owners, the confusing thing for most people is there are regularly no clear lines between the three and quite often the person offering the support does not make it clear which they are. It is this lack of clarity which causes many of the misconceptions about business coaches particularly.

The key thing to remember is that everyone brings something different to the business and can add value when used in the most appropriate way.

  • Consultants.
  • Mentors.
  • Coaches.


Consultants bring experience, knowledge and specific skills to the business. They generally bring answers and solutions drawn on their own experiences and skills. Consultants are very good to bring in to resolve specific challenges and issues.

Most of us would have heard the joke that a consultant will ask to borrow your watch to tell you the time, then charge you for the privilege.

When you pick the right the right consultant, for the right job, you will get the right result.

Your most important task is to understand the result you want to achieve and make sure that the consultant also understands the result you are looking for. The consultants job then is to explain to you in clear understandable terms how they are going to achieve the result you are looking for.


A mentor is someone with enormous experience who has been there and done that. According to Napolean Hill in his classic ‘Think and Grow Rich’ it is vital to have a number of mentors, not necessarily just the one. In business you may have a financial mentor, a sales mentor, a networking mentor and  a general business mentor, just for starters.

A good mentor will share their experiences with you; how they dealt with situations like you are going through, what worked and what didn’t work. Their knowledge can help you to shortcut the lessons you gain from making mistakes. Many of the great success authors talk about success leaving clues and a good mentor will share with you their clues.

Business Coaches

Quite simply a business coach is there to help you maximise performance, exactly the same as a good sports coach. In Sir John Whitmore’s coaching standard “Coaching for Performance’ a good coach can help with any issue.

Coaching not about giving you the answers, it is about helping you to find your own solutions and making sure you do the things you know you need to do, to be successful. A coach will not come into your business and tell you what to do. Of course, a good coach will have a whole toolkit of things to help you, but these are used to educate so that you will understand what to do next time.

Answers to some of the Misunderstandings.

  1. A Business Coach will not come in and tell you what to do with your business.
  2. A Business Coach is not a consultant, although with agreement most good business coaches can adapt.
  3. A Business Coach will support you, guide you and hold you accountable to doing what you need to and agree to.


All good business owners recognise that there are times in their business career where it is important to get professional support. The key is to choose the most appropriate support for your business. I hope that this article will help you to work out the best way forward for you. If you have any questions please feel free to message us on one of the methods below, plus if you have anything constructive to add please feel free.

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