Can I be personally liable for my company's tax?

A personal liability notice ("PLN")  issued by HM Revenue and Customs seeks to make a director personally liable for the company's unpaid PAYE and National Insurance debts; however they may only issue a PLN if it appears to them that the failure of the company to pay its tax liabilities is "attributable to fraud or neglect on the part of one or more individuals who, at the time of the fraud or neglect, were officers" of the company. Directors may [...]

  The Fastest Way to Success in 2014 This year has already started with a number of positive statistics about the economy and many of the business people I talk to are all echoing these positive feelings. There is no great secret to creating success, many people have already achieved it and many more will. Please make sure that you are one of those. The formula for your success this year is - ‘Learnings x Thoughts x Actions = Results’ ! Before [...]

Keeping Your Sales and Marketing on TRACK.

How Important is Your Sales and Marketing? Your sales and marketing has one aim, that is to provide your business with high quality clients. Those clients who you do your best work with. If I was to ask you what percentage of your clients you cannot wait to work with, what would it be? Conversely what is the percentage of clients you dread to talk to? Often 20% of your clients will bring you 80% of your income, the other 80% are [...]

Helping You to Find the Answers

[testimonial_cat category="Inspirational" type="carousel" num_fetch="5" title="The Power of Thoughts" ] The Most Powerful Tool in Your Business Your mind and those of your team are the most powerful tools in your business, both for good and for not so good. As the quotes above say, how you think about things is a massive influence on how you behave. The brain is a computer and expert research has shown that we often use less than 20% of the capability of our mind. How [...]

Strategic Partnerships

"No Man is an Island" (obviously that doesn't include the Isle of Man) according to poet John Donne in his work Meditation XVII and most businesses are the same. You are generally not alone in your specific business and more importantly there are other businesses who share a similar client base to you. Add into that mix the fact that other businesses doing the same thing as you will have clients which they don't want to, or can't, work [...]

What Would Happen If You Never Got Home?

One of the questions business owners often ask us is: “Why is it so important that I should systematise my business?” Our standard reply is: “What would happen if you got into your car after work tonight but never got home?” It usually takes a few seconds for this to sink in, then a little light bulb moment occurs: in most cases, the realisation is that there would no longer be a business. The problem with many SMEs, even larger [...]

How to Finish a Jigsaw Puzzle Faster?

OK, most of us have laughed when we heard the joke about the not so clever celebrity (insert name of choice) who cheered when they finished the jigsaw puzzle in 2 hours proclaiming that it stated 4 - 12 years on the box. My question to you is " How long would that jigsaw take to complete if there was no picture on the box?" - My guess is that it would take a lot longer and depending on the [...]

Is Your Business Running Like a Formula 1 Team?

On our ‘Field of Business’ your last line of defence are your GEM's (Growth Essential Measurements), we call them GEM's for two reasons; 1) So many people are scared to death of KPI's and 2) these are the numbers essential to your business growth. First of all let’s discuss what GEM's are, these are the numbers that tell you how you and your business are performing at any time. To give you a sporting analogy, in Formula 1 the goal is [...]

What are the GEMs in Your Business?

I suppose that the first thing I need to explain is 'What are GEMs?' The simple answer is GEMs are Growths' Essential Measurements; i.e the numbers that show you and your business are growing. You are probably thinking that this sounds very like KPIs, and you would be absolutely correct because they are, but when you say KPIs to people it normal makes the colour drain from their face and a minor panic set in. This is due to the fact [...]

Business Lessons from Sports Success……

We have seen so much fantastic success for Britain and British sports stars over the past year, and the term legacy came up a lot. My question to you is what is the legacy you are going to leave with your business? There are so many parallels between sport and business that they should both be learning from each other because, lets face it, if they are both achieving success and amazing results the country will be in overdrive and [...]