About Us

Maximum Profit Growth Getting You Results

With over 10 years of practical experience, helping business owners to achieve their goals and ambitions. Brian has worked with businesses of all sizes from new start-ups to multi-million pound turnovers. Inspiring actions, creating an environment where accountability becomes part of the culture and focusing on getting results.

Examples of some of the results created:

  • Reduced expenditure by over £8,000 in one session.
  • Took a one-person business working in a garage, to a three team business, owning their own office building.
  • Helped a three person business with £200,000 turnover grow to over £2,000,000 turnover.
  • Supported the merger of two companies, with new company eventually being sold very profitably.
  • Inspired creative company to grow from near closure to over £100,000 income.

Using practical tools and business strategies they are able to help any business, whether a start-up just beginning or a large business which has developed some unproductive habits. What they are not able to help is the business owner who already knows everything.

Business is simple; it is just not always very easy

Brian Wrigley

Customer Service Standards

What if we don’t get it right?

We accept that we are not perfect, and there may be times when a client feels it has not had the service it expects from us. We are committed to providing a high-quality service to all our clients and when something goes wrong, we need them to tell us about it. This will help us to improve our standards.

In case of a complaint, the client should inform us by email, giving full details of the nature of its complaint, within 28 days of the complaint arising. We will investigate the matter and undertake to give a full response by email within ten working days.

If we believe the client’s complaint is valid, we will offer a solution to rectify the matter and/or make recompense to the client within ten working days. We do not however undertake to make financial restitution, other than in our own discretion.


300% Return on Investment Guarantee

We guarantee that if you, our client, have acted in accordance with our coaching agreement, and have not seen a 300% return on your investment after 12 months, we will coach you for free until you do.

Where else can you get that return on investment?