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Top Challenges Facing Business Owners……

  1. Maximising the value of your business.
  2. Creating enough time to do the things you want.
  3. Magnifying your profits.
  4. Building a fantastic team.
  5. Having a life outside of your business.

Which of these is most appropriate to you and your business?

If none of the above, we would love to hear more:

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Creating measurable improvements and results

Don't wish it were easier, wish you were better.
Jim Rohn

'Working with MP Growth over 8 years allowed me to- Alan Price (formally Marshman Price, Insolvency Practioners)

How do we get started?

When was the last time that you had a neutral, honest opinion about your business?

Before you go anywhere, you need to know where you are starting from.

A simple four part process will help you and your business begin your evolution:

  1. Complete an online business health check questionnaire.
  2. Supply the past 12 months numbers.
  3. Analyse the health check results and guidance.
  4. Health check review with goal and action setting session.

You will receive a full report, along with development points and recommendations which will enable you to increase your profits, enhance the value of your business, reduce your stress levels caused by the business and increase your own personal time.

There is a guarantee that you will gain the knowledge and ability to add at least 10x the cost to your gross profit.

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Start the evolution of your business into something that is highly profitable, stress-free and a pleasure to be the owner of.
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You can be confident because....

Measurable results.
Work on your priorities.
Growth at a manageable speed.
Programmes are specific to your business.
You choose the outcome you are looking for.

In the short time we have been working with MP Growth, not only have we identified (and subsequently dropped) many unnecessary processes, we have made concrete plans to ensure the future growth of our company.

Sally Latimer-BoycePartner - Serendipiti

Using MP Growth coaching in the past year, we have found Brian a real inspiration with a great deal of patience! Our business figures for this quarter, compared to last year have increased by over £40,000, which really speaks for itself.

Marcus TaylorOwner - Tayflor Carpets and Flooring

MP Growth is there to provide expert advice, a sounding board, someone who can ask the probing questions you do not wish to ask yourself.

 We’ve had our best months and I know Brian will keep on pushing us to do more. And lets be fair that is the way it should be.

Dave Williams Owner - onefoursix media